8 KG Front Load Washing Machine

The steam wash will boost the temperature inside the drum to relax clothing fibers, helping to release dirt and stains and improve final wash results whilst also killing bacteria

60 CM Built-in Mechanical Oven

The semi-automatic timer will shut off the oven once the time has elapsed. The oven can also operate manually allowing for continual operation until turned off.


Versatile operation

A wide variety of functions – including Defrost, Lamp, Grill, Grill with Fan Assist, and Fan Force – and a 50-250°C temperature range ensure that you can meet all your cooking needs. The generous 80 L capacity and five shelf positions ensure you are never hampered by a lack of space, while the mechanical controls allow you to adjust the function, temperature, and timer with ease.
This timer can be used as a minute minder, to set a cooking duration or end time, or to delay the cooking process, for completely versatile use. Our Hoover ovens come with a quad-glazed door, ensuring the door stays safe to touch for big and little hands. Plus, with the gorgeous dark stainless steel finish, this oven boasts a beautiful modern design that will compliment most kitchens.


Intuitive programs for ease-of-use

With two washing machines and a highly efficient heat pump dryer, this Hoover range is versatile and easy to use. The 8 kg and 10 kg washing machines include Steam Wash cycles which boosts the temperature inside the drum to relax clothing fibres, helping to release dirt and stains and improve final wash results – whilst also killing bacteria.
The other programs on the intuitive control panel include an 18-minute Quick Wash, and both machines boast 4-star MEPS and WELS ratings. The 10 kg unit can also be used in a “perfect pair” setup with the 8 kg heat pump dryer, which includes moisture sensing technology to avoid wasting energy through over-drying, giving it an amazing 7-star MEPS rating.

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At Hoover, we pride ourselves on providing quality products that will last for years to come. In the unlikely event of any issues, please do not attempt to repair, disassemble, or modify the appliance yourself.

Instead, give our friendly after sales support team a call, and they will be able to help you with any queries.